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Contact Us


Email Address


Please feel free to send us an email or call us at 613-600-8930  or (cell)  (613) 883- 8930 to schedule a consultation.  

If you already know the service that you would like to purchase, please visit our Booking Page to schedule your appointment with the option of paying in advance!

Our priority is that you are completely satisfied. Our continued growth and success begins and ends with your satisfaction!

Detailing Service Checklist

Please keep a record of the date and drop-off time of your appointment.​

Please give us a 24-hour notice for cancellations.

Reminder! Vehicles later than 15 minutes will possibly require another booking.

Please ask for details if interested in after hours pickup or drop off of your vehicle.

A key drop off is located at the front of garage.

Please empty vehicle for an easier cleaning.

Please remove all valuable belongings prior to service as we aren't responsible for lost items.

Please uninstall car seats. We do not install car seats for liability reasons.

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